Onboarding to the Avaloq Software Exchange

The Avaloq Software Exchange offers a choice of solutions that integrate with the Avaloq Platform. It connects the solution provider with banks that leverage the Avaloq Banking Suite (on premise or as a Service).

Do you want to onboard to the Avaloq Software Exchange? Get in touch with us. We will guide you through the onboarding process consisting of 5 steps: 

  1. The provider enters into an Avaloq Software Exchange Provider Agreement that clarifies the main commercial points. 

  2. The parties announce the availability on the Avaloq Software Exchange. During this phase, the provider creates a showcase integration of its solution with the Avaloq Platform.

  3. The basic principle of Avaloq's innovation culture is to co-innovate with our customer banks. In most cases, the provider is required to integrate its solution with a real Avaloq Platform environment. To achieve this, the provider needs to find a customer bank first.

  4. The first customer implementation is the pilot installation. It aims at fully integrating the solution with the Avaloq Platform.  

  5. With the experience of the first installation, Avaloq certifies the solution. 

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