What is a Banklet™?

Building attractive new services and user interfaces will be a key success factor to the satisfaction of banks. To create segment-specific client journeys across multiple channels requires a stable and easy-to-use development framework. Avaloq provides tools that are built on top of proven standards and infrastructure components. It adds the extensions required to allow banks to easily create and integrate Banklets™ from various providers.

A Banklet™ is a functional building block in the digital user journey. It can be used by bank employees or clients alike. The functionality can be purely informational (e.g. market data) or it can include transactional elements (e.g. payments). Banklets™ are customisable to the styling requirements of a bank, but are limited in the flexibility to change their behaviour. Therefore multiple Banklets™ could exist that consume the same banking services.

Banklets™ is implemented with the following principles in mind:

  • A Banklet™ is a modular unit of the UI and functionality in the browser (an HTML page running in an iFrame). Conforming Banklets™ can play well with the single-page-application (SPA) model,

  • It is also possible to integrate Banklets™ that do not support the pattern. This may require additional functionality on the AFP application server.

  • iFrame provides security (browsers block cross-domain access) and JavaScript library “sandboxes”, so that different JavaScript library versions can be used in different Banklets™.

  • Freedom of implementation: since the contract is just an HTML page, any UI technology that produces HTML can be used. If, where and how corresponding server functionality is needed is completely dependent on the Banklets™ implementation.

Avaloq provides frameworks and tools to developers to create Banklets™ that can be seamlessly integrated to the Avaloq Platform:

Avaloq Banklet™ UI Framework: AFP-JS

AFP-JS is the Avaloq Banklet™ UI framework. It is a selected combination of web development technologies, frameworks and tools that enables developers to easily develop and integrate applications into Avaloq Web Banking (OR the Avaloq Front Workplace) in a secure and standardized fashion.

It provides a JavaScript-based client-side environment which is embedded into the portal environment. Banklet™ UIs are Java EE-compliant web applications with runtime dependencies on the Banklet™ orchestration framework. The AFP-JS tooling is for experienced web and back-end developers as it builds on proven standards and technologies like AngularJS, SASS, Apache Maven, npm, Java, SOAP/REST.  

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Avaloq Web Services Framework: FDK Core

FDK Core is the Avaloq Web Services Framework. It is a collection of libraries and utilities to support the usage of the Avaloq Platform services. It includes a list of the available public service APIs accessible to developers. It decouples front-end development from the core banking services and abstracts the complexity of bank end processes and data structure.

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