The Basics

Overview of the basic concepts of Avaloq and Banklets

If you are new to the Developer Portal, we would suggest working through the sections below in the order given. This covers the basic concepts of Avaloq and Banklets. 

Who is Avaloq?

Established in 1985, Avaloq is a technology-driven financial services provider for universal and retail banks and wealth management. We serve more than 155 financial institutions in the most demanding financial centers around the world.

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What is the Developer Portal

The aim of the Avaloq Developer Portal is to grow a developer community and enable it to create, share and commercialise innovative technologies. Results will be shared with both the developer community and the entire Avaloq Community, which includes 450 banks and wealth managers throughout the world.

Participating developers will contribute to improving standards of financial services by adding new ideas and helping to develop user experience based on the industry leading Avaloq Banking Suite. Members will be granted access to software and documentation previously only available to Avaloq customers in order to to create user interfaces and integrated applications (Banklets™).

Additionally, banks will benefit from joint innovation to enhance their digital client experience and augment products.

What is a Banklet™?

A Banklet™ is a functional building block in the digital user journey that can be used by both bank employees and clients. Banklet™ functionality can be purely informational (e.g. market data) or it can include transactional elements (e.g. payments). They can be customised to the style requirements of the bank, but are limited in terms of flexibility of their features.

How do Banklets™ fit in to Avaloq Banking Suite?

The Avaloq Banking Suite comprises a fully integrated, modular banking solution of back, middle and front office functionalities and is successfully run in the most demanding financial centres in the world. The Avaloq Banking Suite offers various integration and customization possibilities. The developer portal focuses exclusively on the development and integration patterns used in digital channels, summarised as Banklets™.

What's Next?

Find out how Banklets™ are developed.