Development resources to build Banklets™

As a registered user on you get access to the development resources you need to build Banklets™.

Information on the Public API's of the Avaloq Platform

Check our public SOAP Services catalogue to benefit from the power of the Avaloq Banking Suite. Currently you can learn about the 150+ SOAP methods in 26 domains which are available to developers that have full access to an Avaloq Development Environment. 

The Avaloq Banklet™ UI framework: AFP-JS

The tools and software packaging conventions of AFP-JS make it easier to create Banklets™.  The AFP-JS targets experienced web developers as it builds on top of proven standards and technologies like AngularJS, SASS, Apache Maven, npm, Java, SOAP/REST. 

AFP-JS supports the lifecycle of a Banklet™ UI:

  • Create project: retrieve a Banklet™-scaffold project and setup the initial project
  • Creating mock data
  • Customize (e.g. configurations, language translations)
  • Test your Banklet™ without having to deploy it into a running portal. This means that during the development phase you can quickly iterate and stay focused on the Banklet™ functionality
  • Serve – serve the Banklet™ in your development environment without the need of an Avaloq Platform server. Use mocked or proxied data combined with live-coding to iterate quickly
  • Static build – build a static version of the Banklet™ for demos
  • Deployable build – build a deployable component

The Avaloq Web Service Framework: FDK Core

Use FDK Core libraries and utilities to create and expose your own REST endpoint for Avaloq Platform Business Services or 3rd Party Services.
You can count on:

REST Framework

  • SAML validation and propagation to SOAP header and XSRF check
  • Web-Service Injection
  • Logging Framework (sessionId + requestId for Log correlation)

FDK SOAP Framework

  • Service Access Control
  • SAML validation
  • Access to user identity
  • Logging Framework (sessionId + requestId for Log correlation)

Access to Community Support

You can't find the answer you are looking for in the documentation? Ask the developer Community. Avaloq software developers and consultant will also be participating as other members of the Avaloq Community.